23 September 2011

Peach and Blueberry Sauce

I've started eating a lot of applesauce lately.  It is delicious, healthy, and convenient.  Well, the unsweetened kind is healthy.  Last Halloween, I made my first batch of homemade applesauce to use in an applesauce cake to take to a party.  And I just didn't realize how easy it was to make applesauce!  I mean... you plop some apples, water, and whatever flavoring you want to use in a pot, cook for half an hour, then puree.  And voila... applesauce!

So a couple days ago, I found myself browsing smitten kitchen and stumbled across a recipe for peach sauce.  I have a TON of peaches in the freezer from the CSA this summer.  And these peaches are so sweet they don't need any sugar.  Perfect for making a healthy fruit puree!

22 September 2011

The 100

Great news!  I am finally out of my boot!  I am not allowed to go full-force back into my workouts, but I am able to build back up to what I was doing before.  Luckily, I only had minor muscle atrophy in my left calf, and tightness in my ankle.  So there is not too much I have to build back, and I got a list of exercises from the physical therapist to regain the muscle and mobility.

I won't share the physical therapist workout, because that would be super boring.  But I will share one of my favorite quick at-home workouts.  My goal is to work back up to it by the end of next week.  Be warned: this will kick your butt.  But in a fun way!  The first time I did this, I wanted to quit after the first set of leg lifts.  But the end was way easier after pushing past that first hurdle.

The only change I make is that when Callie comes with me, I turn that last step into a 20 minute walk, because Callie really isn't very good at running on a leash.

So here it is, The 100:
100 jumping jacks
90 crunches
80 squats
70 leg lifts
60 jumping jacks
50 crunches
40 squats
30 leg lifts
20 jumping jacks
10 minute run

And then go pass out because your butt has been kicked.

06 September 2011

Homemade Greek Yogurt

I apologize yet again for the huge break in postings.  You see, a few days after my last post, I broke one of the bones in my foot playing with Callie.  It has been very difficult for me to spend a lot of time cooking since cooking requires standing, and standing is difficult without the use of one foot.  And I haven't been able to do a lot of working out, except the playing card workout described in the last post, since every workout I know is basically impossible with a cast on your foot.  This means no blog posts for you guys.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I read online about how to make homemade greek yogurt.  I am a HUGE fan of greek yogurt, I eat it all the time.  It is fat free or very low in fat, has twice the protein of regular yogurt, and typically has a lot less sugar and other additives.  But it gets really expensive, the kind I eat is close to $4 for a 16oz container.  So if there is a way to make it at home cheaper, I'm all in!  And it was an easy process that required minimal cooking.  It takes a while, but thats mostly just letting the cultures in the yogurt do their job.  And it was delicious!  My first batch got some water mixed in from when I strained it, so it didn't get as thick as the store bought kind, but I'm ok with that.