13 July 2011

Tex-Mex Tabbouleh

Jonathan has been doing SO well with eating well this summer, I try to let him pick out the recipes when we cook together.  This one, in particular, was a winner.  When we made it, we didn't have a ripe avocado, so we just made it without.  And for anyone who reads this regularly or eats with me regularly, you know that this is a flavor combination that I use ALL THE TIME.

While bulgur wheat is traditional in tabbouleh, I substituted quinoa in this recipe because (a) quinoa makes it a heartier, gluten-free salad, with a less commonly used grain, and (b) my grocery store had quinoa and no bulgur wheat.  OK, so the real reason I made this substitution is that there wasn't any at my grocery store.  But let's pretend it was for all those other cool reasons.

I also added corn to the recipe, because I thought it could have benefited from the additional "crunch", and because I had some in my refrigerator.  And I am really glad I added it, I think it was a great refreshing addition to the salad.  I went ahead and added the avocado this time, but I don't think I would add it next time I made this.  And I really should have thought through it... I added corn because it needed extra crunch, and avocado has a soft, creamy texture.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE avocado, but it was just too much "soft" for me in this dish.

I ate this with some seasoned cube steak, because, well, thats what I had in the fridge from the CSA last week.  I just sprinkled it with salt, pepper, chili powder, and cumin, then seared it on both sides.  Its quick-cooking, although a little tougher than the skirt steak I normally cook.

Tex-Mex Tabbouleh
serves 4-6
adapted from Weight Watchers
3/4 c bulgur wheat or 1/2 c quinoa
1 small tomato
1 small cucumber
1 avocado (optional)
1 ear corn
1/2 small onion or 3 scallions
2 limes (or 3 T lime juice)
2 t olive oil
1/2 t cumin

If you are using bulgur wheat, boil 1 c water, then remove from heat, stir in bulgur, and let stand 10-15 minutes until bulgur is tender and water is absorbed.

If using quinoa, combine 1/2 c quinoa with 1 c water in a sauce pot.  Bring to a boil.  Reduce heat, cover, and simmer 15 minutes.

Dice tomatoes, cucumber, corn, and cumin in a bowl and stir together with salt and pepper.  Add quinoa or bulgur and stir to combine.  Let sit 10 minutes for flavors to combine.  Add avocado, stir once more, and serve with your favorite protein.  This is hearty enough that I could eat just this as a light lunch!

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